Street Address:

Town Hall
997 Mason Street
Morrisonville, NY 12962

Highway Garage

599 Mason Street
Morrisonville, NY 12962

Mailing Address:

Town Hall
PO Box 99
Morrisonville, NY 12962


Town Hall: (518) 563-1129

Highway Garage: (518) 561-3139



The Town Supervisor is the Leading Elected Officer in your local town government. The Supervisor is responsible for the daily operations of town business in addition to following through long term projects, such as grant aid for road and water line improvements. The Supervisor confirms all committees and appoints their members, appoints liaison officers, appoints a deputy supervisor, and conducts all settlements with negotiating systems.

The Town Supervisor presides at all meetings of the Town Board. The Supervisor must make certain that all decisions from the Town Board are fulfilled as agreed upon.

As the town’s Chief Fiscal Officer, the Supervisor has essential responsibility for all monetary transactions and investments. State mandates require a detailed financial report be prepared annually by the Supervisor.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Duties of Deputy Town Supervisor

Attend and be attentive at all Town Board meetings.

Assist Town Supervisor in day-to-day operation of the town including reviewing expenditures and accounts receivable. Authorizing payments in a timely fashion on those occasions when the Town Supervisor is away.

Maintain constant line of communication with Town Supervisor to ensure consistency in approach to ongoing matters before the Town and questions/concerns from concerned citizens of the Town.



Fellow residents of Schuyler Falls, I know it has been a while so I thought it important to provide you with a message and update of what we have been working on. The Town continues to be a healthy vibrant community with several new home permits already having been applied for this spring. The codes office also reports that numerous other building permits of other smaller projects are also in the process of approval or under way. The Dollar General store was another nice addition to Schuyler Falls. We will continue to look for business where locations are appropriate that can add convenience and staple products to the Town residents. As Supervisor, it is important to review and keep an eye on permits from this department to get a true understanding of the town’s growth or lack of. As stated above we remain a healthy growing community to date. I am very thankful to all that have chosen to raise their families and make investment in the Town of Schuyler Falls. To all three hamlets and those that live in between, Thank you for making our town a wonderful and safe place to live….

It is also important to look at code violations and be attentive to rectifying them amicably, if possible, as they are most often a problem to neighbors and a detraction in encouraging community growth. There are several violations that the codes office is working through now. We are working hard to have these property issues resolved in a timely manner.

A Town Wide Cleanup Week is again being scheduled. Last year’s Cleanup Week was a huge success. A dumpster was placed at the Town Hall parking lot so that residents could be afforded a week to clean up around their properties. Please use this free service to clean up any debris in front of your road side and around your home. There are certain things that cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Please consult the pamphlet that will be made available by Cassella on prohibited items before throwing them away. Cassella has been a great partner to the Town and this is the second year that they have provided this service to the Town free of charge. Please stay posted for the Cleanup Date!!!

Capital improvement projects also stimulate growth in a community! We are working on several at this time. A short list of them can be found on the Capital improvements Page. Please take the time to review them as I think that you will be as excited as I am, to see what is coming soon!!!

Kevin Randall
Town Supervisor