Capital Improvement Projects

Street Address:

Town Hall
997 Mason Street
Morrisonville, NY 12962

Highway Garage

599 Mason Street
Morrisonville, NY 12962

Mailing Address:

Town Hall
PO Box 99
Morrisonville, NY 12962


Town Hall: (518) 563-1129

Highway Garage: (518) 561-3139


This is a four-phase project! The first 3 phase’s will be part of this funding round and construction. Phase #1 includes all new 12” mains from the bridge following State Route 22b proceeding to and up Flat Rock Road to the water storage tower off of Soper street and a new 8” main line on River Street. Phase #2 includes a new 8” main on Mason Street. Phase #3 includes all new 8” mains on Emory Street, Maple Street, Church Street and Julia LN. This project is nearing the construction phase. I have been working with the residents and the Town Board a little over 3 years to bring this project to completion. Countless hours have been spent to move this major water rebuild forward. This system was built between 1953 & 1956. It had a life expectancy of between 50 and 70 years. As simple math would tell you that this year major parts of this system have now outlived or will shortly be beyond their live expectancy. Recognizing this, I began work on this project in early 2000 when I took office. Funding was the major hurtle to overcome. There are 323 water district users and as I started getting cost estimates, it quickly became apparent that grants would be needed to make it affordable for them. The cost analysis came in at $8.1 million dollars. Over the last three years I have applied for multiple grants. I am proud to say, after many hours of hard work we have received several. We have received $1.25 million from CDBG, $2,562,500 from Congressional Funding and $1.3 million from USDARD and a low interest loan locked in at 1.75% for up to 38 years. I am still working on an agreement that will reduce this project by an additional $1 million. All totaled that comes up to $6,112,500.00 in grants and agreement reduction for this project. That brings the cost of this project estimate down to $1,987,500.00 or 25% of original cost. Although I still recognize this is a large expenditure, it is a needed investment and I will continue to cut cost where it is possible.


This project will replace the middle section of the main and loop the existing P section at the end of the road. It will tie into the existing 8” main coming to the Macey Lane development, replace the old 4” middle section with new 8” main and then Y and continue with 8” main to tie in both ends of the 6” loop. This project has approved engineering from the Clinton County Health Department and has just gone out to bid. We are hoping that it will be completed before mid-summer. This project is being funded by ARPA funds along with up to $30,000 covered by Macey Lane water district unallocated funds. We are looking forward to this project being the first of the three to be completed.


This project will run new water main from Mason Street to the end of Rickson Ave then turn to Trombley’s property and run parallel back up to the beginning of Rickson Avenue then turning back to Rickson creating a loop. This will be an out of district user system until after the completion of the Morrisonville water rebuild. At that time this system will be consolidated into the Morrisonville Water District. As of now the plan is to use ARPA funds to complete work. We are looking into possible emerging contaminates grant monies to fund this project also. If obtained then the ARPA funds dedicated to this project will be used elsewhere. We have completed engineering and plans that have been approved by the Clinton County Health Department. We are hopeful that this project will be started by fall of this year.


This project was started in 2017 by Mr. Rick Potiker. After preliminary funding from DASNY was obtained it went idle. In early 2022 I revived the project and hired Liz Tedford to administer the Grant Process. Late last fall we completed all necessary paperwork to lock in the $125,000.00-dollar DASNY grant. We have hired VORTEX Aquatic Structures International to install the new venue at the Morrisonville Town Hall recreation park. It is slated to break ground in early fall 2023 with a completion date of spring of 2024. I have also applied for the Clinton County Tobacco Settlement Grant this year to help fund this project. This grant could give up to an additional $15,000.00 towards the final cost. The remainder will be paid for from ARPA funds.


This project started in early 2022 as we looked into cost associated with fixing the deteriorating floor in three of the truck bays at the Highway Garage. There was also a need to fix the floor drain system that no longer worked. As engineering was completed it was brought up that the Town Garage had no oil/water separator system. After much discussion the board decided to move forward last fall with the immediate need of replacing the first 60’ by 8’ feet of concreate floor from the front garage doors into each truck bay. This area of floor was compressed and crumbling and did not allow the garage doors to seal completely with the floor. This problem has been causing a huge amount of heat loss and added fuel usage over the winter months. In that same project the outside aprons for the garage doors were also replaced with new asphalt to pitch the water away from the building and stop it from running in. This $18,000.00-dollar project was paid for with built-up unallocated fund reserves. I have been building the unallocated Highway and general funds for over three years to fix and complete needed capital improvement projects such as these. These healthy fund reserves will allow us to continue making needed repairs and needed or required upgrades. One such required upgrade is the floor drainage system and oil/water storage tank. This allows all water on the highway garage floor to be collected and stored into a 3000gal outside storage tank. When the tank is ¾ full the alarm and light will signal so that the collected water can be removed and trucked to a sanitary facility for treatment. As mentioned above in order for this system to work the existing floor drains will be replaced and a new section added at the back of the floor to carry the water to the outside storage tank. Engineering has been completed for all described work and has just been placed out to bid. This project will again be paid for from the built up unallocated general fund reserve. $200,000.00 was transferred to complete this project. No bonds or loans will be needed.